API Cloud Performance Analysis Report

A Report from APImetrics & API.expert

Dr Paul M Cray


API calls were made on a regularly scheduled basis from 85 data centers around the world using APImetrics agents running on application servers provided by the cloud computing services of Amazon (AWS), Google, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft (Azure), plus calls from a data center in New Zealand.

The sample sizes for each API called are roughly the same and are equivalent to a call made to each endpoint every five minutes throughout the 24 months from a cloud location. We then normalized the data across systems to ensure a like-for-like measurement.

We logged the data using our API performance and quality monitoring and management platform. Latency, pass rates, and we recorded quality scores in the same way for all APIs. For most APIs, data is available for the whole of the period.

For analysis, we have grouped the APIs we monitored (which number several hundred) into their represented services.