API Cloud Performance Analysis Report

A Report from APImetrics & API.expert

Dr Paul M Cray


APImetrics made over half a billion API calls to the leading API providers between 2019-2020. We created a detailed analysis of what we saw.

This report also covers the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which was substantial. We knew COVID-19 would affect performance, but the surprise was when that impacted performance.

It was not in the March/April 2020 time frame as we had assumed, but instead came later in the year.

Our report includes:

  • Performance by individual clouds and regions
  • Networking component performance such as connect times and DNS lookup
  • Overall latency and pass rates
  • Top API performers in our main collections

Cloud Latency over time (all services)

The data that went into this report is part of our newly launched API.expert, which is available to any user for a small monthly fee. If you’re interested in how the APIS that run your world are doing, this is an essential tool.

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